Decomposition Enhanced Mechanics Optimized Numerical Analysis - Demona in short, is a computational framework to couple different physics while keeping the flexibility of applying advanced numerical methods, for instance Newton-Krylov Techniques. This package is the final release of varios internal packages, called Remora, Ogre and Demon. The naming convention is inspried by the game called Missionforce: Cyberstorm. It is programmed in Fortran with implicit methods in mind, however, using a set-based technique the solver can also be used with explicit and semi-implicit methods with ease. From that point of view, transient computations are also contained within the framework; even dual time stepping is implemented. Linear system solutions are based on Krylov Solvers, Stationary methods like Jacobi or Gauss-Seidel, Multigrid and Domain Decomposition. The solution of nonlinear systems are performed using Inexact Newton with line search backtracking strategy by default. Yet, Picard's method and other splittings can also be applied. Another release that would extend the capabilities to include set based finite element is suspended because of my postdoctoral studies on poroelasticity. Source code is available at

ParFE is a project that I'm involved with during my Postdoctoral studies at ETH Zrich.

PorFE is an extension on ParFE where poroelasticity is implemented. T